Stanley Cup OddsUpdated 9/29/13: It’s time for the new NHL season, and here at Total Choice Sports Picks, we have all that you need to know about all of the teams in their quest to beat the Stanley Cup odds this year. Not surprisingly, the two teams that are favored right now are the Chicago Blackhawks in the West and the Pittsburgh Penguins in the East, and both teams are +650 to open up the campaign. Both teams went on massive tears over the coures of the season last year, and but both ended up with much different playoff fates. The Blackhawks went on to win the Stanley Cup for the second time in the last few years. The Penguins suffered another disappointment, losing out in the second round of the playoffs after a brutal defensive exhibition.

There are plenty of new faces throughout hockey, and two men that are going to be under the gun right away are Alain Vigneault and John Tortorella. These men are in a lot of trouble already with their new teams, as anything less than playoff success could see either fired in Year 1. Interestingly enough, they both took over for each other, as Vigneault is now with the New York Rangers, while Tortorella is with Vigneault’s old team, the Vancouver Canucks. THe Rangers are +1900, while the Canucks are +1700 on the Stanley Cup betting odds.

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Favorites like the Los Angeles Kings (+1000) and the Boston Bruins (+950) have both made a lot of roster changes this year, and we have a tough time trusting either team at such short prices. Even a club like the St. Louis Blues has its problems, as there aren’t enough scoring options to really have success in the postseason. That’s why we think, especially after the realignment this year, that teams like the Columbus Blue Jackets (+5500), New York Islanders (+3300), and San Jose Sharks (+1850) might ultimately make for good Stanley Cup bets when push comes to shove, though we know that it is going to be interesting to see how this season pans out. Remember that getting into the playoffs is only half the battle in the NHL, as we have seen all sorts of teams come out of #8 seeds and #6 seeds and the likes and make huge runs towards the Stanley Cup.

Check out the most up to date Stanley Cup betting lines, as of September 29th, 2013!

Odds To Win 2013 Stanley Cup
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Anaheim Ducks +2200
Boston Bruins +950
Buffalo Sabres +10000
Calgary Flames +15000
Carolina Hurricanes +3600
Chicago Blackhawks +650
Colorado Avalanche +6500
Columbus Blue Jackets +5500
Dallas Stars +6000
Edmonton Oilers +2500
Florida Panthers +14500
Los Angeles Kings +1000
Minnesota Wild +2500
Montreal Canadiens +2200
Nashville Predators +6000
New Jersey Devils +5500
New York Islanders +3300
New York Rangers +1900
Ottawa Senators +2600
Philadelphia Flyers +3900
Phoenix Coyotes +8000
Pittsburgh Penguins +650
St. Louis Blues +1200
San Jose Sharks +1850
Tampa Bay Lightning +4600
Toronto Maple Leafs +2400
Vancouver Canucks +1700
Washington Capitals +3000
Winnipeg Jets +7000