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Week 1’s NFL Game of the Week
Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos (-9)
Where else could we possibly start than with the Ravens and the Broncos? This game was arguably the biggest theft that we saw all season long in the playoffs, as Baltimore went into Mile High and literally got a Hail Mary answered to force overtime against Denver. Without that 70-yard bomb to WR Jacoby Jones, history doesn’t happen, perhaps QB Joe Flacco doesn’t get paid oodles of money, and history would surely be different now. QB Peyton Manning though, wants his revenge, and he has a retooled team that is focused and ready to make the run towards the Lombardi Trophy again this season. The winner of this one is going to have to feel really good about the way that its season started on Thursday night.

Week 1’s Biggest Mismatch
New England Patriots (-11.5) @ Buffalo Bills
QB Tom Brady against QB Jeff Tuel. Need we say more? The Pats understandably are going to have to break in some new receivers, and that could slow the Brady Bunch down quite a bit, but Tuel is simply overmatched all by himself if he really is going to have to give it a go in this one. The former Washington State pivot is set to become the first man to go as an undrafted rookie in the NFL Draft to start a game in Week 1 in the modern era in football. If this game was being played in Foxboro and not in Orchard Park, the implied NFL betting lines suggest that the Pats would be favored by 17.5 points. There are only three games with spreads bigger than 4.5 this weekend, and this is easily the biggest of the bunch.

Week 1’s Highest Total
Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints (54)
It is clear that the ball is going to be slung all over the place when these two meet. New Orleans would love to make more of an effort to get the ball moving on the ground, but we know better. This is still QB Drew Brees’ team, and the last time that Brees faced the Falcons, he was picked off a career-worst five times. That’s not going to happen again in this one. We don’t really expect that the Saints have perfected the art of slowing down TE Tony Gonzalez, WR Roddy White, and WR Julio Jones either, so there should be plenty to go around on both sides. Still, this remains as one of the highest totals that we have ever seen in a Week 1.

Week 1’s Lowest Total
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York Jets (39.5)
With the way that NFL scores have gone up each and every year, it’s not a shock that there is only one game where the total isn’t at least 40 (and it’s not like this one misses by much). These two quarterbacks are as suspect as they come. At least Tampa Bay knows that it can rely upon its rushing game with RB Doug Martin to move the ball. QB Josh Freeman might stink, but he’s certainly the more proven of these two quarterbacks. QB Geno Smith is slated to make his first career start in this one, and that could be bad news for a team with literally no talent at wide receiver and RB Chris Ivory doing a lot of the heavy lifting in the backfield. This won’t be a pretty game for sure.

Week 1 NFL Odds Courtesy of Carbon Sportsbook
451 Baltimore Ravens (48)
452 Denver Broncos (-9)

453 New England Patriots (-11.5)
454 Buffalo Bills (49)

455 Tennessee Titans (42)
456 Pittsburgh Steelers (-7)

457 Atlanta Falcons (54)
458 New Orleans Saints (-3)

459 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)
460 New York Jets (39.5)

461 Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5)
462 Jacksonville Jaguars (41)

463 Cincinnati Bengals (41.5)
464 Chicago Bears (-3)

465 Miami Dolphins (pk)
466 Cleveland Browns (41)

467 Seattle Seahawks (-3.5)
468 Carolina Panthers (45)

469 Minnesota Vikings (46.5)
470 Detroit Lions (-4.5)

471 Oakland Raiders (47)
472 Indianapolis Colts (-9.5)

473 Arizona Cardinals (41)
474 St. Louis Rams (-4.5)

475 Green Bay Packers (48.5)
476 San Francisco 49ers (-4.5)

477 New York Giants (48.5)
478 Dallas Cowboys (-3)

479 Philadelphia Eagles (51)
480 Washington Redskins (-3.5)

481 Houston Texans (-3.5)
482 San Diego Chargers (44)

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