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NFC East Odds

NFC EastUpdated 8/3/13: The start of the 2013 NFL season is right around the corner, and there isn’t a tougher task than handicapping the odds to win the NFC East. If you can make the right NFL picks in this one though, you’re bound to get a huge payoff, because there isn’t a team out there in this foursome that is anywhere near head and shoulders above the rest.

And why not? The defending champs of the NFC East have all sorts of problems. The Washington Redskins know that they have issues with Robert Griffin III, who may or may not be ready for Week 1 of the season, and he may or may not be anywhere near as effective as he was last season. Head Coach Mike Shanahan is considered suspect at best, and the running game with Alfred Morris will have to prove to us that it can once again be one of the best in the game, especially if RGIII runs around less than he did last season.

The New York Giants were the second place finishers in the NFC East last season, and they are the favorites on the NFC East odds this season. Eli Manning has a great passing attack, but the ground game is suspect, and the defense did little to help itself from a unit that finished second to last in the league in total yards allowed.

Many simply eliminate the Dallas Cowboys out of default, knowing that Tony Romo really hasn’t had much of a history of winning the biggest games that he has needed to win in order to prove that he is an elite quarterback. Monte Kiffin joining the staff to take over the defense is intriguing, but we all said the same thing when Rob Ryan took over as the DC prior to that.

The Philadelphia Eagles are the longest shot on the board, but they are the biggest wild card of the four as well. Remember that it wasn’t that long ago this team was dubbed as the “Dream Team.” Andy Reid wore out his welcome after all these years though, and he had to move on. Chip Kelly is here, and no one has any idea whether his high octane offense is really going to work or not in the NFL. Add in the fact that Michael Vick is at that age that quarterbacks — particularly mobile ones — start to decline, and he already knows that he is going to be without Jeremy Maclin for the entire season after he suffered a torn ACL. Still, if Kelly’s offense proves to be dynamic, the Eagles could shock everyone and steal the NFC East at better than 4 to 1.

Odds To Win NFC East
New York Giants +215
Washington Redskins +255
Dallas Cowboys +250
Philadelphia Eagles +425

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