Tim Tebow Released From New York Jets: What’s Next For Tim Tebow?

Breaking NFL News: Tim Tebow Released By New York Jets: The New York Jets had to know that they were creating all sorts of havoc on Friday night. They drafted QB Geno Smith out of West Virginia in the second round, presumably spelling the dawn of a new era of Jets football at some point. Though more might be coming down the road from this development, the first step has been taken by the Jets, as they released QB Tim Tebow, making him a free agent.

The biggest question now? What’s next for Tim Tebow?

The most logical thing to do would be to sign with an NFL team, and we think that there is going to be a team out there that gives him a shot in spite of the fact that no one was apparently willing to give up even a 7th round draft pick for his rights. The Jacksonville Jaguars make the most sense of any of the teams in the league. They have a dire quarterback situation with QB Blaine Gabbert and QB Chad Henne as the only quarterbacks on the roster that are worth anything whatsoever, and Tebow coming back to his hometown in Jacksonville would be a perfect story that, if nothing else, would generate some interest once again in the team. The Jags have had miserable attendance figures over the course of the last several seasons, and bringing in Tebow would create a buzz about the team that would create sellouts and jersey sales all season long. The problem? It would come with a sideshow, of course. There is still a question as to whether Tebow is legitimately an NFL quarterback or not, and the fact that the Jets couldn’t even get a seventh round pick in a trade for him leads us to believe that his days might be numbered if Jacksonville doesn’t give him a chance.

The only other plausible option seems to be the Canadian Football League. The Montreal Alouettes own Tebow’s rights, and though those rights could be traded at some point, there is no way that we could conceivably see the Als using Tebow as anything more than a 3rd and 1 quarterback sneaker or a situational quarterback. QB Anthony Calvillo already owns the job in Montreal, and he is arguably the best quarterback to ever play in the CFL, so he isn’t being replaced any time in the near future. Barring a trade of his rights, going to Canada would only leave Tebow on the bench the exact same way that he was in the Big Apple.

If he wants to play and wants to play now, about the only option that Tebow might have is to come to the Arena Football League. This would be demoralizing at best for Tebow, knowing that he would be playing for $825 a week and nothing more. On top of that, there is a real question as to whether the former Florida Gator would be able to play the indoor game or not. It really is a totally different game that isn’t just learnt on the fly, and Tebow wouldn’t really be able to use his legs all that much to get himself out of trouble. Arm strength isn’t the key, which could work in Tebow’s favor, but he was never the most accurate quarterback in the world either. The Orlando Predators would make the most sense for Tebow to play with, as they have had a terrible quarterback situation all season long. There are still 13 games left in the 2013 AFL season for most teams, and perhaps taking a shot in the AFL could pay dividends if he wants to make one last impression on NFL teams that are trying to gauge if his left arm is good enough to play as a starting quarterback in the NFL. Preds’ owner Brett Bouchy offered Tebow a contract “whenever he wants it.” Either way, it is clear that it would be nothing but an audition for Tebow to get back into the NFL and definitely isn’t a long term solution.

Our best bet is that Tebow gives it up and retires, though. Perhaps he dabbles with the idea of switching positions and becoming a tight end or something of the sorts, but we just don’t see it happening. Tebow is too bright of a kid with too bright of a future to do nothing but get frustrated with his situation, playing out of position. He wasn’t a great punt protector, he doesn’t have the speed of a wide receiver, and though his size definitely warrants him being a tight end, he would be out of position for sure, and we have no clue whether he can actually catch the football or not.

In the end, Tim Tebow retiring is probably the best option for his professional career, though that career would clearly no longer be in football.

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