Week 10 Thursday Night NFL Football Picks – Washington at Minnesota – 11/7/2013

Washington Redskins @ Minnesota Vikings
Thursday, 11/7//2013 Time: 8:00pm (EST) TV: NFL Network
Game Line: Washington -1 Over/Under: 43 (from JustBet)

Thursday  Night Football Redskins @ Vikings Analysis: Two playoff teams from a year ago kick off Week 10 in the NFL. The 3-5 Washington Redskins will try to make it two wins in a row on Thursday night as they take on the 1-7 Minnesota Vikings.RG3 Washington vs Vikings

The Redskins had high hopes this year, but the defending NFC East champions are in danger of falling out of contention in the division. Robert Griffin III has at times been very inconsistent. He’s completed 60 percent of his passes for 2,169 yards and nine touchdowns with nine interceptions He has been lacking the burst we saw in his rookie year, but coming off an ACL injury, that’s to be expected. While the offense as a whole has been struggling, the running game has been consistent, averaging 146 yards per game. The defense this year has been awful, ranking 28th in the NFL in team defense, while allowing an alarming 31.6 points per game.

It’s been a long season in Minneapolis. The fact that the Vikings have started 3 different quarterbacks is a telling sign that this season is lost. The team made a big offseason splash by signing Greg Jennings who thus far has been a disappointment, with only 392 yards receiving and two touchdowns. It’s pretty obvious that drafting Christian Ponder as high as they did was a major mistake as he has regressed in his third year. The offense just can’t seem to get it going, Averaging only 205 yards through the air, ranking 23rd in the league. The fact that opposing defenses don’t respect the Minnesota passing game may be the reason why Adrian Peterson is having an off year. Peterson’s performance has also regressed from a year ago, as he is averaging 1.5 yards less per carry. The defense hasn’t helped matters either, and is actually comparable to Washington, allowing 31.5 yards per game.

Minnesota had a big game last week, almost upsetting the Dallas Cowboys before losing in the final moments of the game. Most would agree that Dallas was overlooking the Vikings, so I wouldn’t put a lot of stock into that performance. Losing those types of games can be deflating for a team. The Vikings are also in a tough scheduling spot here, as this will be their third game in eleven days. Washington is actually still alive in the NFC East, so the focus will be there. In any other case I could see taking the home dog, but not this time. Washington should win this handily in a relatively high scoring game.


2013 Week 10 Thursday Night Football Free NFL Pick: Washington -2 Over 49
Washington Redskins vs. Minnesota Vikings Game Prediction: Redskins 31 Vikings 21


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