NBA FinalsUpdated 5/19/13: We have really yet to see any of the top teams in the NBA struggle to get to the conference finals at this point, and now, there are four powerhouses left that are going to fight it out for the right to move on to the NBA Finals.

In the Eastern Conference, the Miami Heat are the huge -280 favorites to win it all, and they are the reason that the Indiana Pacers are only +1500 underdogs and the longest shots on the board. The Pacers are going to have to bring a ton of defense to the table in this series if they are going to have a shot at winning the whole thing, but the good news is that we have seen them do just that before. Miami doesn’t even look like it has broken a sweat in its nine games that it has played at this point though, and there is a real sense that perhaps this is going to be another cakewalk to the NBA Finals.

Out West, matters are basically dead even between the San Antonio Spurs (+560) and the Memphis Grizzlies (+650). These two teams are considered to be split right down the middle, and for good reason. The Spurs are the deeper of the two teams, and they have more offensive capabilities. Memphis is a good team in its own right, but we can only imagine how much better it would have been had Rudy Gay not been traded in the middle of the season. Still, differentiating these two teams is virtually impossible, and as a result, they are both still very large underdogs when it comes to the idea of beating the other and then eventually Miami when push comes to shove in all likelihood in the NBA Finals.

Check out the most up to date Odds to Win the NBA Championship, as of May 19th, 2013!

Odds To Win 2013 NBA Finals
Miami Heat -280
San Antonio Spurs +560
Memphis Grizzlies +650
Indiana Pacers +1500