Total Choice Sports is an online sports publication that covers the world of American sports such as football, baseball and basketball.  The TC Sports columnists listed below are experienced sports writers as well as experts in sports handicapping and betting odds.  They will be sharing the latest odds updates from all major sports and also sharing their free sports picks on a daily basis.

Our Writers;

  • Lou Palumbo – Is a very passionate sports writer and blogger as well as a marketing expert.  He has partnered in several top sports handicapping firms for many years and knows the industry well.  He’s also the founder of Total Choice Sports.  Lou met with many experts in the sports betting industry and has a keen understanding of value in sports betting.  When it comes to breaking down the NFL odds, he is one of the best.
  • Chad Dawkins – Hailing from the great sports town of Boston, MA and familiar with the New England sports scene, Chad is not only a sports fan, but he is an experienced sports handicapper as well.  He utilizes his love of numbers along with his passion for competition to beat the odds.  He’s has a very keen sense of public perception vs. true value with regards to odds.  He’s been a contributor at many sports related websites and it a valuable member of the Total Choice Sports team.
  • Ryan Andrew (guest contributor) – Ryan makes his home on the west coast of the United States.  He is a long time sports writer who has been working as a freelance columnist for almost 15 years.  He’s worked along side some of the smartest and best writers in the business.   He is always looking for the most profitable trends and is constantly looking for an edge.  He uses his education and experience in math to his advantage in an overall effort to beat the books.

Total Choice Sports is always looking for experienced guest writers as well as steady columnists to contribute (and help grow) this online publication.

If you’re interested in writing for us or have interest in any other area, be sure to contact the Total Choice Sports team.